Interim is the perfect time to add some adventure to your course schedule. Escape the cold Michigan winter to explore the landscapes of Hawaii or contemplate a pilgrimage in Florence, Italy.

The deadline for Interim 2021 applications is June 1, 2020. Applications for Interim grants and scholarships for 2021 will be available in late August-early September.

Off-Campus Interims for 2021

The Americas
Africa and the Middle East
Asia and Oceania
May and June Interims
    GEO W41 Field Geology of Scotland (MAY)
    • This class is designed to introduce students to the study of field geology through observation and analysis by visiting locations of particular geologic interest in Scotland (Northern UK).
    GEOL 112 Earth Science for Educators (MAY)
    • An Introductory study of physical systems and historical and contemporary processes that shape the surface of Earth.
    GEOL 153 Big Sky Geology: Montana (MAY)
    • This Interim in May course in Physical Geology is based in SW Montana, a location with a wide variety of superb geologic exposures and landscapes.
    IDIS 340/HIST 380 Field Work in Archaeology (May)
    • Participants gain hands-on residential experience in archaeological fieldwork at the site of Umm al-Jimal in Jordan, with weekend tours to historical and natural heritage sites including Jerash, Amman, Bethany Beyond the Jordan (where Jesus was baptized), the Dead Sea, and Petra, along with a final 3-day trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
    IDIS W10 Wilderness Management and Leadership (MAY)
    • In this course, we will explore the history of wilderness preservation in the United States and wilderness management in Yosemite National Park and surrounding national forests.
    MUSC W10 The Singing Revolution: Baltic Choral Music (MAY)
    • The trip will include visits to the Song Festival Grounds, the home of the Lithuania song festival, as well as the home of the Estonian Song Festival in Tartu, the birthplace of “Estonia’s Singing Revolution” in 1988 that was a powerful emotional force leading to the overthrow of Soviet rule.

Make an interim deposit payment

After a student has been accepted to an off-campus interim, a $500 deposit must be submitted to Financial Services to confirm their place in the program. The receipt for this payment must be turned in to the program director by October 15. Late deposits will be charged an additional $20 fee. After the deposit has been received, Calvin will begin to commit funds on behalf of the student (e.g. airfare, lodging, etc.). A student who drops out of the program will be responsible for all costs incurred up to that point in addition to the non-refundable deposit.

To make your secure payment please select the appropriate button below. This tool is a one time payment tool. In order to make an e-check payment, you will need your bank account number, bank routing number, and student ID number. There is a 2.75% fee for making payment via credit or debit card.