Interim is the perfect time to add some adventure to your course schedule. Take a break from the cold Michigan winter to backpack in a Costa Rican rain forest, or start your summer off with a pilgrimage through Spain.

The deadline for Interim 2018 applications: October 1, 2017. (Some Interim instructors may have earlier deadlines, so be sure to check). Applications for Interim grants and scholarships for 2018 will be available in late August-early September.

Interims that we know are full: CHEM W10 Nepal, IDIS W80 Eyecare in Mexico, IDIS W42 Galapagos, IDIS W13 Exploring Honduras. Other interims have limited openings - stop by our office for more details or check with the instructors.

Interims for 2018

The Americas
Africa and the Middle East
Asia and Oceania
May and June Interims

Student blogs

Read about some of these interims through the student's perspective in these blogs: