May in China

This program is not offered this academic year. See this year's interims.

Basic information

  • Location: China | Map
  • Dates: May 23-June 10
  • Cost: $4,225 (exact)

Offered every spring, this three-week course gives students an opportunity to experience daily life in China by taking them to the large, model urban centers of Beijing and Dalian, as well as to a less developed city like Datong and to the countryside around the Wutai Mountains in northwest China.

This course allows students to perceive the striking contrast between the modernization and prosperity of major Chinese coastal cities and Beijing on the one hand, and the backwardness and poverty of the countryside and cities in the hinterland. Major historical sites are also explored, including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, the 1300-year-old Buddhist statues in the Yungang Caves of Shanxi Province, and the historical northeast port city of Lushun. The trip includes visits to schools, churches, Buddhist and Daoist temples, and shopping areas in order to understand how the Chinese live. Course activities include lectures, discussion, interviews, meetings, tours, and attendance at cultural and social events. Emphasis is on meaningful contact with Chinese people and enhancement of language skills.


This course may fulfill an elective in the Chinese and Asian Studies majors as well as the Chinese Group Studies and Asian Studies minors. This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.


Evaluation is based on participation in course activities, gains in mastery of the language, increased understanding of life in China, and growth in personal awareness.


Students have the opportunity to stay on a Chinese college campus, so that they may interact with Chinese college students.


Preference is given to students with a Chinese language background.


$4,225 (exact)

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Larry Herzberg

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