Calvin is committed to working with students to make studying off-campus a possibility. We work to make the cost of a semester abroad comparative to that of a semester at home, plus round-trip airfare, and facilitate scholarship opportunities for both semester and interim programs.

The process

The price of each semester program is at least the cost of tuition, room and board on campus. The final price is based on the total costs of the semester divided by the total number of students who participate. Therefore, the exact price of any program cannot be fully calculated until the size of the group has been finalized (after registration in early/mid November for spring semester programs, late April/early May for fall semester programs). As soon as the final price of each program is established, the Off-Campus Programs Office will notify students in each program.

Cost estimates

Higher priced programs:

(Typically $2,500-$4,000 more than Calvin tuition, room and board with a 21-meal plan)

  • Britain
  • France
  • Spain: Advanced (Spring semester includes Interim)
Lower priced programs:

(Typically $400 to $2,500 more than Calvin tuition, room and board with a 21-meal plan)

  • China
  • Ghana
  • Honduras: Development
  • Honduras: Spanish
  • Hungary
  • Peru
  • Washington D.C.
Interim programs

Fees are listed in the course description, talk to your program director for details.

Cost breakdown

Budgets for each semester program are recalculated each year to account for a variety of changing factors (exchange rates, changing transportation costs, changing room and board costs, etc).  Due to these factors the costs of the semester may change over the course of the experience, yet the price of the semester for students stays constant once established. Students are expected to pay the established price plus some additional administrative fees (such as technology, access, and campus activities fees). If immunizations are required, students may obtain them from Health Services who will then bill the student's insurance. Following the semester there are no additional refunds passed on to the student.  The price of the program typically covers the following costs: 

  • Tuition, room & board
  • Selected excursions throughout the semester
  • Visas

Students are required to pay all costs associated with the interim. Students pay the course fee. After the interim experience all expenses associated with the interim are paid and any excess funds are refunded to the students who participated in that interim. If there are additional costs associated with the interim, students would be billed. If immunizations are required, students may obtain them from Health Services who will then bill the student's insurance. The cost of interims includes some administration fees and typically covers:

  • Room & board
  • Admission costs and entrance fees

Non-Calvin programs

Calvin recognizes that some programs offered by other institutions might fit better with a student’s interests and major/minor.

The cost for non-Calvin off-campus semester programs depends on the price set by the host institution.

  • Students will pay at least Calvin semester tuition. If the price of the program is more than Calvin tuition, the student will be charged the host institution tuition.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to understand all program costs. Other costs may include housing, food, local transportation, student fees, etc
  • Transportation to and from the program site is the student’s financial responsibility.

Calvin can only support a limited number of students studying with non-Calvin programs. All Federal and State financial aid can be used for a non-Calvin program. Students may apply to have 50% of their Calvin financial aid used for their program cost. This request is part of the Horizons non-Calvin program application. Normally, 5-10 students are granted this permission each year. These applications will be reviewed starting April 1. Note: the April 1 deadline is the same for both fall and spring semester programs.

Make an off-campus summer program deposit payment

After a student has been accepted to an off-campus interim, a $500 deposit must be submitted to Financial Services to confirm their place in the program. The receipt for this payment must be turned in to the program director by October 15. After the deposit has been received, Calvin will begin to commit funds on behalf of the student (e.g. airfare, lodging, etc.). A student who drops out of the program will be responsible for all costs incurred up to that point in addition to the non-refundable deposit.

To make your secure payment please select the appropriate button below. This tool is a one time payment tool. In order to make an e-check payment, you will need your bank account number, bank routing number, and student ID number. There is a 2.75% fee for making payment via credit or debit card.