Introduction to Cross Cultural Medicine in Nepal 2023

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  • Location: Nepal
  • Dates: 5/1—5/25, 2023
  • Cost: $4,135 (estimate)

Explore the intersection of medicine and culture in Nepal.

In this course, premedical/dental, and nursing students get exposed to medicine in a cross-cultural context in Nepal. In Nepal, students will learn to appreciate the influence of history, culture, poverty, lack of infrastructure and religious concepts on health and sickness. This course will also examine how culture intersects with healthcare through problems such as sex trafficking, orphanages, nutrition, and mental health. Students will visit several hospitals to observe how healthcare is distributed in Nepal. This will include a 4-day rotation at the United Mission Hospital in Tansen where students will have exposure to internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, maternity (Ob-Gyn), dentistry, and community medicine and meet with expat and Nepali healthcare workers; a 1-2 day rotation at Green Pasture Hospital in Pokhara to observe rehabilitation work for disabled persons and see the challenges experienced by Nepalis with disabilities; a one-day observation at a psychiatric rehabilitation center to observe challenges in mental health care in Nepal. A key feature of this course is for students to learn the joys and challenges of living in a different culture and deepen their faith and compassion for others as they interact with Nepali people. Students will find that medicine and Christianity are natural allies and Christian missions provide a unique opportunity to practice their faith in caring for others in their daily lives in a cross-cultural context. Evaluation is based on daily reflective journal writing, a reflective blog presentation, and active participation. Fulfills the CCE requirement.


This program completes IDIS 286 (3 credits).


$4,135 (estimate)

Listed cost includes airfare.

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Kumar Sinniah

Kumar Sinniah

Professor, co-Chair Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Advisor
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