Interim in Japan

This program is not offered this academic year. See this year's interims.

Basic information

  • Location: Japan | Map
  • Dates: May (Every four years)
  • Cost: To be announced

This three-credit, three-week course is offered every four years in late May and gives students the opportunity to explore Japan and expand their knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

Join our three-week trip in late May and early June, instead of during the January Interim term. The trip will include most of the famous historical sites in Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Hikone, Hiroshima, and Hirado (where Christianity and Dutch trade first came into Japan), as well as some of the most famous scenic places, including the Japanese “Alps” around Nagano, the mountains of Gifu Prefecture, Lake Chuuzenji, and the beaches of northwestern Kyushu. Students will have the chance to do home stays with Japanese families in five different locations around Japan, including Tokyo, Hikone, and Hirado, as well as in small towns in Nagano and Gifu Prefectures. This will afford them the chance to learn much about daily life in this island nation. This trip also gives students the opportunity to improve their Japanese language skills, given the large amount of time devoted to home stays and close interaction with Japanese people.


Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor


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