Interfaith Relations

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  • Location: Jordan, Oman, Israel/Palestine
  • Dates: May 4-May 25, 2022; May 31-June 25, 2022
  • Cost: 4,000 (estimate)

Build appreciative religious knowledge and cross-cultural awareness of Islam and Muslim culture by exploring Islam in its global setting.

This learning is informed not just by reading and lecture, but primarily by face-to-face interactions and immersions into Muslim culture, through the practice of hospitality, and by creating meaningful personal relations with Muslims, which foster curiosity and enable learning about other cultures, encourage empathy with the religious other, and makes room for a deeper reflection on one’s own religious tradition and worldview. This course will be taught in situ in a Muslim country. Previously, it has been taught in partnership with the Al Amana Center in Oman, but other locations in countries with a majority Muslim population (Indonesia, Palestine, Jordan) are possible for future courses. While on location, students will be partnering with Muslim students, and engage in meaningful dialogue, through, for instance the practice of Scriptural Reasoning and the practice of daily hospitality. A program of visits to culturally and religiously significant sites will be provided.

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4,000 (estimate)

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Darrell Rohl

Darrell Rohl

Assistant Professor of History;
Director of Archaeology Program
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Frans van Liere

Frans van Liere

Professor of History;
Director of Medieval Studies Program
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