IDIS W47 Tourism, Migration and Development in Jamaica

This program is not offered this academic year. See this year's interims.

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  • Location: Jamaica | Map
  • Dates: January 5-24
  • Cost: $3,100 (estimate)

Jamaica with its vibrant multi-national urban centers, attractive tourist destinations and impoverished rural countryside, will provide the backdrop for examining issues facing developing countries with increasingly integrated economies.

The interim will expose you to Jamaican culture and history, including the African diaspora, Jamaica's colonial experience, and Jamaica's contemporary identity, including its art, music, religious traditions and connections to the developed world, particularly the U.S. Through readings, engaging guest lecturers by faculty from the University of the West Indies, Calvin, and representatives of the USAID and community organizations, you will examine the social and economic problems facing Jamaicans today including political unrest, gangs, tourism, debt, sustainability, migration, and the influence of the United States in Jamaican affairs. You will travel through both the interior and the coast of Jamaica seeing first hand the various approaches to development that are occurring in Jamaica. Field trips will also be used to examine the various political, social, economic and international trends that have shaped the island and impacted its potential for successful development.


This course may fulfill an elective in the Sociology, Social Work, International Development studies and Africa and the African Diaspora Studies programs.  

This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.


$3,100 (estimate)

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