IDIS W40 China Business and Engineering

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China’s emerging economy has a large impact on today’s world, especially in business and engineering. During this interim students spend three weeks in China meeting with business and engineering professionals who are part of this reshaping of the global economy.

. The course includes major cultural and economic centers of China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. Students engage with professionals at approximately fifteen companies. In addition, many important historic and cultural sites are explored, including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Students learn why China has a comparative advantage in many types of manufacturing and how some US firms have responded to that. Students learn what types of engineering are done well in China, along with some of the environmental impacts of China’s rapid growth. Students also learn how Chinese Christians shape their life, work, and business with their Christian faith. There is also a focus on the history and culture and China and how this has shaped modern events. Students are challenged to consider what China means for their future careers in business and engineering. Evaluation is based on participation, a journal and a reflective essay. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors of any major. Preference is given to students majoring in the business and engineering departments. Fulfills the CCE core requirement.


This course may fulfill the Engineering department International Designation.

This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.


Preference given to students majoring in the business or engineering departments.


$3,900 (estimate)

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