IDIS 340/HIST 380 Field Work in Archaeology (May)

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  • Location: Umm el-Jimal, Jordan | Map
  • Dates: May 24–June 22, 2021
  • Prerequisite courses:
  • Cost: $4000 + $200 personal costs (estimate)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this off-campus program has been suspended. The information on this page is available for reference and planning purposes, but may no longer be accurate. If and when Calvin is able to re-open this and other off-campus programs, information will be provided at the main Off-Campus Programs website. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Off-Campus Programs office.

Participants gain hands-on residential experience in archaeological fieldwork at the site of Umm al-Jimal in Jordan, with weekend tours to historical and natural heritage sites including Jerash, Amman, Bethany Beyond the Jordan (where Jesus was baptized), the Dead Sea, and Petra, along with a final 3-day trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Primary activities include archaeological excavation and survey, processing and identification of artifacts and environmental samples, and the creation of documentation from data recording sheets to drawings, photographs, 3D models, and geospatial database entries. Fieldwork activities will take place during weekdays, with mornings spent in the field and afternoons in the project headquarters, where hostel style overnight accommodation is provided. Weekends will be devoted to tours across Jordan, with overnight stays in hotels and/or authentic Bedouin tent camps. Students will be assigned individual fieldwork responsibilities based on project research needs and personal skills and interest, with assessment based on a final portfolio of work, including archaeology data sheets and a final project report. This course satisfies the Archaeology Minor's field work requirement and may be taken as a History elective. Fulfills the CCE requirement. Prerequisites: IDIS 240 or permission of the instructor.


This will fulfill the Archaeology Minor Field Work Requirement and also may fulfill an elective in the History major.

This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.


Prerequisites: IDIS 240 or permission of the instructor


$4000 + $200 personal costs (estimate)

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Darrell Rohl

Darrell Rohl

Assistant Professor of History;
Director of Archaeology Program
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Bert de Vries

Bert de Vries

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