GEOL 112 Earth Science for Educators (MAY)

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  • Dates: May 2021
  • Cost: $1,725 (estimate)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this off-campus program has been suspended. The information on this page is available for reference and planning purposes, but may no longer be accurate. If and when Calvin is able to re-open this and other off-campus programs, information will be provided at the main Off-Campus Programs website. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Off-Campus Programs office.

An Introductory study of physical systems and historical and contemporary processes that shape the surface of Earth.

Topics include 1) the physical nature of Earth’s surface based on composition of earth materials and the forces that create landforms, 2) weather and climatic systems and their effect on the global distribution of soils and ecological communities, and 3) the Earth/sun/moon system. Understanding of Earth systems is applied to concepts of stewardship, resources use, and energy consumption.

This course is designed for students in the education program. Laboratory, multiple field trips. K. Bergwerff


Not open to students who have completed Geology 151 or Geography 120.


$1,725 (estimate)

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Ken Bergwerff

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