The resources included here were shared with you during your initial orientation at Calvin soon after you were accepted to study off-campus. We hope placing these handouts online makes them easier to access for both students and parents. Resources include:

Budget Worksheet: Provides some suggestions and questions to help you budget for your time away.

Packing Tips: Some generic tips on packing for your off-campus experience.

Safety and Study Abroad: A checklist of things you can do to help make your experience safe, also includes a handout on developing your situational awareness skills.

Safe Spaces: Specific information related to alcohol and sexual assault as it relates to your off-campus experience.

Discipline Process: This handout outlines the steps in cases of behavior issues with students studying off-campus.

Do No Harm with Your Camera: The challenges of photography while abroad.

Goal Setting and Your Off Campus experience: Thinking about different types of goals to set while studying off-campus.

Taxes and Study Abroad: What to do about your taxes when studying abroad.

Student Panel Best Practices: Tips for sharing information on a student panel.

Independent Travel Form: Please fill out this form when traveling independently on your semester abroad.

Off-Campus Programs Student Handbook: Important information and resources for planning for your semester abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to several questions you may have before studying abroad.