Congratulations on your acceptance into one of Calvin University’s off-campus programs!

Studying off-campus (whether during interim or a semester) can be very exciting and life-changing, but participation also requires a lot of effort on your part before you even arrive at your program location. We are counting on your ability and interest to make this a successful and meaningful experience. In order for us to be the most effective partners for you, we want you to read and familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook. This handbook will introduce you (and your parents) to our programs and the things you will need to consider as you prepare to study off-campus. As you read through this handbook, you will see that it emphasizes our semester programs more than our off-campus interims. However, much of the information presented here is applicable to interim classes as well. We hope you find it helpful.

At the end of this handbook there are a number of links to specific appendices related to each of our semester programs.