Semester Programs

The following resources should help semester directors understand the evaluation process and help you in writing your final reports: 

Budget Analysis Form:  In order to help the Off-Campus Programs Office create an accurate budget for next year’s program, please complete a budget analysis of your current program.

Final Report Template:  Semester Directors are required to complete a final report on their semester.  This report is used to help future directors with planning as well as help the Off-Campus Programs office follow-up on important issues within the program. 

Evaluating Off-Campus Programs:  This resource is designed to help directors understand how the programs and their performance are evaluated by the University. 

Evaluation Form: Students should fill this out to evaluate the semester.

Off-campus interim evaluation resources

No specific forms but as you return please let the off-campus programs office know if there were any issues, problems or concerns that surfaced on the interim.  Parents and students will often contact our office to talk about problems and it is always helpful to be informed.  Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.  Likewise if you have any GREAT stories, we love to hear those as well.