This page shows examples of devotional resources developed by your peers at Calvin. Our hope is that as you review the work of others, you will be able to adapt and or create similar resources to support the educational goals for your off-campus study experience.

Devotions - A series of devotions (one for each week of a 14 week semester) that helps students and faculty reflect on a number of themes and challenges from an off-campus experience. (Thanks to Cynthia Slagter and Mary Hulst for sharing).

Cambodia Prayer Calendar and Family Handout - This prayer journal is a good way to share your itinerary with family and friends.

Galapagos/Amazonia 21 Day Devotional - A devotional booklet for those who want to spend some quiet time each day reflecting, reading the Bible, praying, and glorifying God over interim - for both the students on the interim and those going with them in spirit.