What is the purpose of your interim trip or semester abroad?  How will you differentiate your class or semester off-campus from simply traveling or being a tourist?  How can we find ways to challenge students to integrate their faith with their travels?  These are all important questions to assure that our off-campus programs are impactful experiences for our students.  Providing resources to help you answer these questions is one goal of the Off-Campus Programs Office.  It is our hope that the resources found on the sidebar of this page will help you be intentional in planning your upcoming off-campus experience. 

Your involvement as faculty in our interims and semester program is an important distinctive that contributes to the overall success of Calvin’s Off-campus experiences.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to make the extra effort needed to plan and implement a successful off-campus class or semester program.  If you have additional resources you would like to share or include on this page, please send it to Julia Smilde in the Off-Campus Programs Office. 

Faculty resources