Outstanding Achievement

Kate Parsons - No Deep Thoughts & Now What (Semester in Honduras)

Honorable Mention

Lori Dykstra - Lo Extrano (Semester in Peru)
Dania Grevengoed - Sunlight (London: Collecting the World Interim)


Outstanding Achievement

Jerry Chen ( Semester in Ghana)

Honorable Mention

Lucas daSilva (Semester in France) - Vous Pensez


Outstanding Achievement

Hannah Kwekel ( Semester in Peru)

I journeyed over hundreds of miles while I lived in Peru. My feet took me from walking up the steps of Incan temples to running down the beach playing fútbol with Peruvian amigos.  However, my most beautiful memories in Peru are not of the Incan ruins or the Pacific Ocean beaches. The people are my memories. My most cherished and thrilling moments in Peru were spent with my host family, my classmates, the shop owners in the streets, and the children dancing in rural villages. I learned so much from the Peruvian people during every one of our brief encounters. They taught me about dancing and laughing and appreciating every moment for what it is. There in Peru, I fell in love with these people and their astounding kindness to a stuttering blond foreign student, their embracing thoughtfulness to family and strangers, and their contented approach to every day. 







Honorable Mention

Kendra Altena (Kenya: In Search of Water Interim)

One of our team’s focuses during our weeklong stay in the remote village of Sedaie northern arid region of Kenya was to analyze and try to repair the village’s broken borehole. This photo series shows the ‘life’ and happenings around the borehole during our week there.


This photo shows the guys of our group and some of the men from the village working together to pull 160 feet of pipe up out of the ground. It took about two days to get all the pipes up, do maintenance on the pump, and put all the pipes back down.


Flowing water for the first time in a year and a half! It was incredible to see the joy and excitement of the people as they no longer had to walk long distances and carry back unclean and unsafe water.



-The excitement was not only between the people, but was shared by the goats and camels as well!


The mamas (wives) of the village sitting around the borehole during the community celebration we had at the end of our week there. Water is central to life and this borehole became the ‘new center’ of the village when it started working again. To see the mamas of the village, who do most of the work fetching water, sitting around the borehole and saying “we are happy!” in their best English was an incredible sight and joy-filled experience.

Honorable Mention

Anthony Greco (Ghana Semester)