Top Award: Natasha Vedder, Ghana
Reflections on Ghana

Honorable Mention: Joel Sytsma, James Wood, Ben Stark

Top Award: Sarah Scheeres, Semester in Peru
Mi vida cotidiana en Arequipa from Sarah Scheeres on Vimeo.



First Place: Kyle Burghgraef, Semester in Peru


Honorable Mention: Leah Hoogstra(Honduras) and Joel Sytsma(Hungary)



First Place: Jen Vos, Semester in Hungary

This series is a study on the way different cultures portray and commemorate tragedy. These monuments and memorials lament the brutality and oppression of the past century in cast iron. That sense of lament causes visitors to interact with these spaces in a variety of ways: in giving, in taking, we participate in the retelling of these stories.


Honorable Mention: Leah Hoogstra, Honduras

Most 1st-world residents look at Honduras through one of two lenses, seeing it either as a poor country or as a dangerous country. And while both of those lenses are factual and real, I do not think they reveal a full picture. I look at Honduras and see people making a life there. I see a mother working hard making tortillas to add to the family income. I see kids learning from family members how to walk and to play futbol.  I see birthday parties and Thanksgiving dinners - all the usual celebrations of holidays and special life events. I see life happening in Honduras, and what a beautiful life it is!

Carmen, my Honduran host mom, runs her tortilla-making business out of the home with her cousins and sisters.

We gringos enjoyed a simple, non-traditional American Thanksgiving celebration together in Honduras.

At halftime on the soccer field, David plays his favorite game with a family member on the team.

At home, Freddy teaches his niece Dariela how to walk. She’s getting really close to doing it on her own!

Our host families graciously hosted a birthday party for the students who had birthdays over the course of the semester.