Engaging Hispanic Culture: Spanish Immersion Abroad 2023

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  • Location: Mexico
  • Dates: TBD
  • Cost: To be announced

High school immersion students who have successfully completed SPAN 300 will be immersed in the life and culture of Mexico.

This three-credit intensive course is designed exclusively for students enrolled in our high school Spanish immersion partnership who have successfully completed SPAN 300. Students will participate in preparatory coursework during the month of May and will then spend two weeks onsite in Mérida, México, led by Prof. Ceballos, in June.

Students will be immersed in the life and culture of Mérida, México, living with host families, attending lecture and discussion classes, and experiencing local history and culture. Particular attention will be placed on how history and culture inform important social systems such as the economy, political structures, education and health. Students also participate in excursions to important historical and cultural sites and attend religious and cultural events. Student learning objectives are to 1) improve oral and written proficiency in the Spanish language, 2) increase understanding of various cultural and religious phenomena of Mexico and particularly the city of the host educational institution, and 3) grow in personal maturity and awareness of cultural differences. Students keep a journal with personal observations on culture and on their own experiences. Evaluation is based on satisfactory achievement of course goals, including participation in course activities, and is assessed via a vocabulary journal, reflection papers, cultural reports based on interviews and observations, and a final oral presentation.


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Abraham Ceballos-Zapata

Abraham Ceballos-Zapata

Assistant Professor,
Director of Spanish Immersion,
Director of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
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