CS W60 Agile Game Development in South Korea [CLOSED]

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  • Location: Pohang, South Korea | Map
  • Dates: January 6–26, 2021
  • Prerequisite courses:
  • Cost: $3,550 (exact)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this off-campus program has been suspended. The information on this page is available for reference and planning purposes, but may no longer be accurate. If and when Calvin is able to re-open this and other off-campus programs, information will be provided at the main Off-Campus Programs website. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Off-Campus Programs office.

South Korea is among the most-connected countries in the world, providing its citizens with access to inexpensive high-speed Internet service. Relatedly, it is also a country in which gaming is very popular.

In this project-oriented course, we will travel to Handong Global University (HGU) in Pohang, South Korea where each Calvin student will be paired with an HGU student. During weekdays, each pair of students will learn about and apply agile development techniques to design and build an original game, which they will present and demo the final day at HGU. Games will be developed using the Unity game engine or MIT’s Scratch software. Each weekend, we will travel to Korean cultural sites, such as palaces, temples, and spas, where Calvin students will explore and reflect on aspects of Korean history and culture. We may also visit Korean tech giants such as Samsung or LG, Hyundai corporate headquarters, the mostly automated POSCO steel plant in Pohang, and similar sites. Students will spend the final weekend exploring the capital city Seoul, before returning to Calvin. Fulfills CCE credit. Prerequisites: CS 100, 104, 106, or 108. Fee: $3,550. January 6–26, 2021. J. Adams. Off Campus.

The video below explains what you can expect on this off-campus program:


Pohang, South Korea

Pohang boasts a surprising mix of the natural and the industrial, like a beautiful beach in sight of the world's second-largest steel plant. A main seaport, this area is a conventient travel and through-way spot making the city vibrant and ever changing.

Things to do

Visit exciting landarks rich with cultural heritage, such as the Jukdo Market, the Bogyungsa Temple, the iconic National Lighthouse Museum and experience the natural beauty of Naeyeonsan County Park.

Pohang was considered a place of great significance durig the Korean War with its strategic location and sea port. After a large steel plant was established, Pohang grew into a major city, and today Pohang is acity proud of its posture towards developing a richer culture in the future as it develops its higher education and becomes a center for art and culture.
Warm and temperate. Averaging 34-78 °


This course will fulfill the CCE requirement. 


Prerequisites CS 100,104,106, or 108


$3,550 (exact)

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