Chinese Medicine and Culture

This program is not offered this academic year. See this year's interims.

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  • Location: China
  • Dates: 2022 program cancelled due to COVID
  • Cost: To be announced

[2022 program cancelled due to COVID] Learn about Chinese society and culture and study Chinese medicine in places like Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, and Yunnan.

Important note: The 2022 Chinese Medicine and Culture off-campus program has been cancelled due to COVID-related concerns. The Off-Campus Programs website will be updated if and when this program is able to resume.

The world's most populous country has a long, rich cultural tradition featuring unique views of life, society, the human body, medicine, and nature. Some of these cultural roots traced back thousands of years, and yet, they still define Chinese identity today and deeply influence modern way of life. As China takes increasingly prominent roles on the world stage, it becomes increasingly important to understand its cultural roots and practices. In this course, students will learn about Chinese history, philosophy and culture by attending lectures, reading books, interacting with Chinese instructors and students, and most importantly, by traveling the beautiful land of the Middle Kingdom (Chinese name of China). One of these cultural roots is the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM with its practice in acupuncture and herbal remedies is becoming more and more recognized and popular in western societies including the US and Europe. With a holistic approach, TCM focuses more on improving the body’s natural ways of healing rather than combating germs directly. Students will spend 1 week studying Chinese Medicine including acupuncture in Shanghai, and another 2 weeks traveling in China to learn about Chinese society and culture: including places such as Beijing (the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven), Sichuan (Panda world and Jiuzhaigou National park), Xian (Terracotta soldiers) and Yunnan (villages of minority groups). This course fulfills the tag of Global Regions and Cultures in the Engaged Citizenship Commitments core category. It is also an elective course in Asian Studies Program. No prerequisite.


This program is offered at the reduced summer tuition rate of $575 per credit hour.

Listed cost includes airfare.

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