Apply to study off-campus during interim

To participate in a Calvin off-campus interim, you must have sophomore status, a minimum GPA of 2.0, and you must complete the online application process.


Talk to the instructor of the interim and find out about any deadlines. Give yourself plenty of time before the interim application deadline, which should be no later than October 1, 2019 for January 2020 interims. Our current application process is all online, but it will still take several days to complete as you have to wait for approvals from various departments across campus.

Research your options

Look at the list of Off Campus Interims for 2020, read the description and talk to the instructors for these interims about any deadlines or special considerations.

If the interim is outside of the U.S., make sure your passport is up-to-date (and will not expire any time in the next year), or apply for a passport.

Complete the application process

You will apply for the off-campus interim on the Calvin University Horizons site. Please read the following notes about the process before you proceed.

How do I get started?

After you click on the Calvin University Horizons link, use your Calvin username and password to log in when prompted. Go to the "Search Programs" tab and scroll down to find the interim to which you want to apply and click on the "Apply For" button on the far right. The software will guide you through the application process.

What do I need to complete part 1 of the application process?

Part 1 of the application process includes the following components:

  • Demographic information (fills in your profile automatically from information in Calvin system):  Name, email, phone, major, year in school, etc. 
  • Academic GPA check (automatically checks if it's high enough):  For interims, you will need to have at least a 2.0 GPA to be automatically approved to study off-campus.  If your GPA is below 2.0, you will be asked via email after you complete the application if you want to appeal directly to the Off-Campus Programs Office.
  • Application questions: Please answer these questions completely. The instructor of the interim will use your answers to get to know you a bit better as they make decisions related to your participation in the Interim course.
  • Student Conduct RecordThis portion of the application asks if you have been disciplined by a member of the Student Life Division (a Dean or Resident Director) for an infraction of campus regulations and if yes to explain the circumstances).  If you are not approved by student life, you can appeal directly to the Off-Campus Programs Office.
  • WaiverThe program waiver is an important document that outlines both the risk and responsibilities for both the student and the university.  Please read this document carefully and check to acknowledge that you have read and consented to its terms. Click "Review and Save" to move on.
  • Program Expectations: Please read this document carefully and check to acknowledge that you have read and consented to its terms. Click "Review and Save" to move on.
  • Insurance verification:  You will need to provide Calvin with information about your health insurance provider and that you do have health coverage while abroad.
  • References: You should identify two references for interim programs.  Fill in the name, phone number and email address of your references and click "Save" at the bottom. Remember that it is standard practice to ask your references for permission  before you list their name.
  • Review and Save: Once you have completed all of the steps, you can click on the Review and Save section at the end of Section 1. Look your application over, and if it looks correct, click "Save Application" at the bottom.
  • Submit Application:  After completing and saving all parts of the first step of the Application, you should see a button to "Submit Application" in part 2 which you should do so it can be reviewed by OCP and Student Life. After you submit, your application status on the Homepage will change from Incomplete to Pending which will signal our office to check it and move it forward if eligible.

Will I be interviewed?

It depends on your instructor. Although the OCP office encourages all instructors to interview students who apply for their interim, sometimes this does not happen. Contact your Off-Campus Interim Instructor after you complete Part 1 of the online application to find out the process for your specific interim course.

What happens after I complete part 1 of the application process?

Your interim instructor should tell you a date by which you should hear your status in the course.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact the Off-Campus Programs Office or your Interim Instructor.  If you receive an acceptance email, you may also receive a terms and conditions sheet.  Please read this document carefully before you sign and return to your Off-Campus Interim Instructor. This form should be returned no later than October 2 to accept a spot on the interim roster.  You should complete the Post-Acceptance portion of your application by October 9, 2019.  If your instructor gives you earlier dates to accept a spot and complete the Post-Acceptance, please do so.  Part 2 of your application includes the following:

  • Intro to Post-Acceptance: This intro explains the purpose of the Post-Acceptance portion of your application. To complete this section, you must read it and check to confirm that you have read it.
  • Health information:  The purpose of the health form is twofold.  The first reason is to make sure we are aware of any health issues we may need to accommodate.  The second reason is to initiate your contact with Calvin’s health services to make sure we prepare you to manage your physical health while off-campus.  If accepted into the program you will receive additional information related to any immunizations that you will need for the semester.  All information reported on this form is confidential and seen only by Calvin Health Services, the instructor of your program, and (if needed) the Director of OCP. 
  • Mental health information: The purpose of this form is also twofold.  The first reason is to identify how we can best support you during your time off-campus.  The second reason is to assist you in managing your mental health while off-campus.  All information reported on this form is confidential and seen only by the instructor of your program and (if needed) by the Center for Counseling and Wellness and the OCP office (note: no student employees will have access to this form).
  • Accommodation request form: This form allows you to request accommodations for academic or housing needs.
  • Emergency contact informationYou will need to provide the names, phone numbers and emails of two emergency contacts. 
  • Passport information: If you are accepted into the interim, and if your interim is going outside of the U.S., you should complete information from your passport including the number, the place of issue, expiration date and a scan (of the page with your photo). If you don't have one yet, please complete this as soon as you do.

When you complete the Post-Acceptance portion of your application, you should click "Save Application" at the bottom.  You should then receive an e-mail from our office.  If you do not, please e-mail