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General Description

The role of the Multicultural Student Development (MSDO) Mentor is to support the mission of MSDO, through peer mentoring first year students of color as they transition into university. In addition to mentoring, mentors serve as cultural awareness leaders. Mentors reach out to first year students by encouraging them to stay actively involved and engaged on campus; connect students to necessary resources that guarantee social and academic success. Each Mentor will be assigned an Ambassador that will oversee the progress of the mentoring relationships.


  • Must be a sophomore or higher
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Academic classification of Sophomore or higher by fall 2015
  • Have a knowledge of campus resources and activities
  • Experience with peer mentorship and multicultural awareness


  • Mentor a group of first year AHANA students
  • Support MSDO events, and or connect students to other resources on campus that will provide personal enrichment
  • Attend mentorship workshops once a month with mentees
  • Check in with mentees at least once a week (face to face)
  • Attend fall and Spring training.

Mentoring Responsibilities

  • Meet regularly (every week of two) with your mentee.
  • Attend a group gathering of mentors in the spring.
  • Attend a training session in the fall.
  • Attend occasional group gatherings of mentors and mentees as you are able.

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