As you strive to think deeply, act justly and live wholeheartedly at Calvin and beyond we think it's imperative to fully realize your university experience by engaging in learning outside of the classroom. Leadership opportunities allow students to develop as leaders, develop as team players, strengthen their voice, impact our community and serve as educators and mentors for the campus and fellow peers.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board (MSAB)

The Multicultural Student Advisory Board is a diverse group of students committed to campus-wide anti-racism education, cultural competency and racial reconciliation, with the goal of creating a safe, welcoming and diverse campus community. MSAB seeks to nurture an environment in which an appreciation for diversity can thrive to model the kingdom of Jesus Christ, composed of people from every nation, language, and tribe. 


Members of the Multicultural Student Advisory Board vary in racial/ethnic background, socio-economic background, major and experience. Members must be willing to share their life experiences, open to learning from others, and be committed to racial reconciliation in honor of the Biblical command to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Studying abroad or taking an off-campus interim does not automatically disqualify a candidate from being selected.

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  • Work on a team of 6–8 peers
  • Plan annual UnLearn Week events.
  • Facilitate bi-monthly campus-wide discussions on topics ranging from student self-segregation and racial micro-aggressions to the racial dynamics of group assignments and culture shock.
  • Cross-campus collaboration to plan cultural heritage celebrations.
  • Participation in Intercultural Intelligence, Cultural Competency, Anti-Racism, and Inclusive Campus Climate trainings.
  • Attend weekly group meeting/weekly one-on-one meeting with CISD staff member.
  • 3-6 hours a week commitment (time varies depending on the time of year)

International Student Association Committee (ISAC)

The International Student Association Committee is a student led committee that partners with the CISD to support the international student body in their cultural adjustment. ISAC seeks to support international students and third culture kids (TCK) by designing and promoting activities that will create community among themselves and help them adjust to the larger Calvin community. In addition, it seeks to promote a greater awareness of the appreciation for international issues and different cultures among staff and students on Calvin's campus.

We host social events that give opportunity for fun and fellowship on campus and Grand Rapids, coordinate transportation for grocery store trips, and plan programs that allow students to share their culture with the larger community.


Any student with the following characteristics may apply for the International Student Association Committee:

  • Has citizenship outside the US OR has significant international experience
  • Has interest in and commitment to helping new students make a smooth and successful adjustment to Calvin
  • Shows a willingness to exercise gifts of creativity, hospitality, and service
  • Is committed to working on a tight knit team
  • Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships
  • Strives to manifest Christian commitment in thought, word, and deed
  • Has a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Maintains full-time student status at Calvin for the fall and spring semesters of the year applying. Fulfills the college's eligibility requirements for participation in campus activities as reflected in the Student Handbook
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Leadership Positions

President (previous ISAC experience required)
  • Overseeing all the ISAC members
  • Represent ISAC at other Calvin events as needed
  • Lead planning and brainstorming for events
  • Delegate tasks for each event in conjunction with team
  • Lead meetings once a week with ISAC members
  • Plan orientation for the new committee members (with Advisor and VP)
  • Book venues for all the ISAC events in coordination with VP
  • Confirm order food and contact all the vendors for ISAC dinners in coordination with VP
  • Meet weekly with Advisor and VP

Qualifications for ISAC President

  • Junior or Senior
  • On ISAC before
  • International citizenship or significant international background
Vice President (previous ISAC experience preferred)
  • Coordinate and support President
  • Be responsible for communication with ISAC team
  • Help President lead meetings
  • Book venues for all the ISAC events
  • Plan bonding activities
  • Plan orientation for new committee members with the president
  • Meet weekly with President and Advisor
Student Org/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Meet with each student org about ISAC events once a month
  • Will serve as secretary during the meeting with student orgs
  • Work with students and student groups that need more inclusion
  • Coordinate volunteers and work with events coordinator
  • Coordinate with President/VP/ISAC team for volunteer needs
  • Completes any task assigned for individual events
Secretary Treasurer
  • Take minutes during meetings and make sure to keep the Google Drive updated
  • Manage Teams and Google Drive
  • Track income and expenses in Excel document
  • Give financial report when necessary or requested
  • Arrange for money to be collected from any event or activity that requires it (Meijer Runs, Banquet, WFF, etc.)
  • Meet with advisor at least once a semester to update them on finances
  • Completes any task additional assigned for individual events
Media Coordinator
  • Send out emails and sign-up sheets for each of the different events (Meijer Runs, dinners, coat runs, etc.)
  • Take pictures for each event
  • Be active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)—upload pictures, post announcements and polls, etc.
  • Communicate with students via email and social media
  • Completes any task any additional assigned for individual events
Events Coordinator
  • Responsible for acquiring logistics and supplies for all ISAC events
  • Partner with the Logistics Coordinator
  • For dinners, they are responsible for confirming orders for food and organizing pick-up.
  • For WFF, they are responsible for acquiring the necessary utensils, tools, and items that the various groups might need.
  • For Christmas Banquet, they are responsible for acquiring the decoration, materials, etc.
  • Help order food and contact all the vendors for ISAC dinners with help of president and advisor
  • Completes any additional task assigned for individual events
Logistics Coordinator
  • Manage rentals of vans and buses from Physical Plant or Off-campus (contact advisor)
  • Communicate with the president for certain big events that need transportation (e.g. Christmas Banquet, Tubing)
  • Know & count the number of people that go on runs and come to our events
  • Communicate with drivers after they are done to make sure the vans have been returned
  • Send email to return agency that vans have been returned
  • Assign Drivers
  • Contact drivers prior to each time they are scheduled
  • Make sure to have some small change
  • Coordinate with Media Coordinator to ensure that emails are sent out
  • Arrange rotations for ISAC members assigned to individual Meijer runs
  • Complete any additional task assigned for individual events
ISAC Van Drivers
  • Not required to attend ISAC meetings
  • Compensation will be provided
  • Drive for Meijer Runs and Coat Runs
  • Need US Driver’s License and must be 21years old


The CISD Ambassadors aim to empower American students of color through events that will help them better understand how to navigate their university experience, as well as deepen their understanding of culture in their own lives. Ambassadors seeks to support students and equip them to overcome obstacles that they will encounter in future endeavors. We mentor first year students of color, host social events and provide resources through Empowerment Series throughout the academic year.


Any student with the following characteristics may apply to be an Ambassador:

  • Must be a full time student
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be a Sophomore or higher student status
  • Have an understanding/experience of campus resources/activities
  • Must attend Spring and Fall trainings
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  • Mentor a small group of first year students of color
  • Plan and promote events on campus which assist in first year transition, and personal enrichment
  • Is committed to working on a tight knit team
  • Demonstrates confidence and maturity in interpersonal relationships
  • Strives to manifest Christian commitment in thought, word, and deed
  • Attend weekly group meeting/weekly one-on-one meeting with CISD staff member.
  • 3-6 hours a week commitment (time varies depending on the time of year)

IMPACT & International Orientation Assistant

OAs are the welcoming faces that meet new international and American students of color and their families when they first arrive in Grand Rapids or on campus.

They work tirelessly to implement every part of IMPACT and International Orientation and are a great resource for new students even after classes have begun. Learn more about the program and apply today!

General Application Process

If you are interested in influencing your community and growing in leadership skills, STEP UP to serve. Please view this document for different positions available for each leadership teams.

Please complete the following steps by Feb 28th, 2022 NOON:

  1. Submit the Orientation Assistant Application Form or the CISD Common Application Form
  2. Email your resume (PDF) to
  3. Send the following link to your 2 references and ensure that they are submitted by Feb 28 (Note: CISD staff members cannot be your reference): Link here