Rangeela Committee Positions

  • Director
    • Helps select committee members.
    • Builds community so that Rangeela Committee members feel part of a team.
    • Responsible for overall vision and planning of the show.
    • Consults regularly with Assistant Dean of International Students.
    • Sets up regular meetings with the Assistant Dean of International Students and Rangeela Committee.
    • Leads meetings and delegates responsibilities.
    • Ultimately responsible to make sure that everything is done.

    Qualifications for Rangeela Director

    • Junior or Senior in 2019–20
    • Served on Rangeela Committee or as an Act Leader
    • International citizenship or significant international background
  • Committee Member
    • Helps plan and implement every aspect of the Rangeela show.
    • Meets regularly with the Rangeela director and Assistant Dean of International Students.
    • Has skills which can supprt the show such as: attention to detail, organizational prowess, creativity, ability to design posters or T-shirts, knowledge of video production, sensitivity to aesthetics, financial expertise, or ability to motivate and persuade others.
    • Attends every rehearsal and show.

What is Rangeela?

Since 1996, Rangeela, Calvin’s annual international student variety show, has been one of the highlights of the university calendar. Calvin has the 5th largest international student population of any liberal arts university in the USA—as well as all of Michigan—and Rangeela, a pageant of costume, music, rhythm, and drama, is that community's gift to both Calvin and the community beyond the university.

Rangeela (Hindi for “colorful”) is put together by a committee of international students, supported by the International Student Development Office. It consistently sells out two consecutive nights each year in the Fine Arts Center.