• Where is MSDO located and how can I get more information on their programs—or can I simply come in and talk?

    The Multicultural Student Development is located in the Common Annex inside the Student Life East. Feel free to contact Khayree Williams (kow2@calvin.edu / 616-526-7850) or Martin Avila (ma24@calvin.edu / 616-526-7598). There is an open door policy; feel free to stop by anytime.

  • What does the acronym AHANA Stand For?

    AHANA is an acronym that stands for the ethnic categories applied to North American minorities: Asian, Hispanic-Latino, African American, Native American.

  • Are the MSDO events and fellowship groups only for students of color?

    No. MSDO, as a part of the Student Development Office, is focused on all students. Students interested in issues of diversity and multiculturalism find the department a safe and comfortable environment. We are committed to providing opportunities to discuss and address these issues from the perspective of our unity in Christ. MSDO events and fellowship groups are open to all students regardless of race. The various groups provide several perspectives and focus areas for students to take part in. These are additional ways for students to fellowship, make new friends, celebrate differing cultural backgrounds and address contemporary issues of diversity in society.