CIT Provides telecommunication services on campus. If you are having problems with your Calvin-owned telephone, telephone jack or need to request a change to your telephone, contact the HelpDesk.

Desk Phones

Calling On Campus

  • To call any extension on campus, dial 6, then the four-digit extension number (ie., 68555)

Calling Off Campus

  • Local Grand Rapids: Dial 9 then the seven-digit number
  • Domestic Long Distance: Dial 9, then 1, then the area code followed by the seven-digit number
  • International Long Distance: Dial 9, then 011, then the country code followed by the number omitting the leading 0

DO NOT unplug or move your phone set. If you need a phone in your new office, CIT will either install a new phone set or move your old phone for you. There are important programming options that will be lost if you attempt to move the phone yourself that could cause you to be without a phone for a couple of days. Please fill out a Move Extension Request in the CIT Service Center to have your desk phone moved.

Learn to access and use Call Xpress voicemail from the CIT Service Center.

Access the NET-Phacs Plus software from Matsch Systems. Log in with your Calvin username and passphrase to view your current month's invoices. Supervisors and managers will be able to view all phone bills managed by them.

You can use your desk phone to make conference calls with up to 6 participants.

  1. Pick up the receiver and dial the phone number of the first attendee.
  2. Once you have made a connection with the first attendee, press the <Conf> button on your phone. The first attendee is put on hold and you will hear a dial tone.
  3. Dial the phone number of the second attendee.
  4. Once you have made a connection with the second attendee, press the <Conf> button on your phone to join all three in the conference.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to join up to six people in your conference call.
  • $0.10 a call per person for local calls
  • $0.12 a minute per person for long distance calls

A Meet-Me Conference allows six individuals to dial into a conference bridge. With a bridge, the caller pays the long distance charges. To request a Meet-Me conference bridge, contact the HelpDesk at least one week prior to your conference call. Please include the date of the call.

If you need to include more than six people in the conference, please mention this when you contact the HelpDesk.

The attendees pay for all long distance charges and all attendees can enter or leave the conference as they wish. A short tone will announce the arrival or departure of any guest.

  1. Once your conference is scheduled you will receive a 5-digit conference number and a 6-digit access code. You should share these codes and instructions with call attendees.
  2. At the designated date and time the attendees should call 616-526-8000. On campus attendees should dial 6-8000.
  3. The attendee will be asked to enter the 5-digit conference number. This number will begin with the number 2.
  4. They will then be asked to enter the 6-digit access code.
    • Attendees get two attempts at entering the correct access code. If both attempts fail, they must redial.
    • If the conference is full, a message is played telling the seventh caller to contact the conference call administrator for further instructions.
  5. A confirmation tone is played when people enter the conference.