Duo Security is the University's way of adding another layer of security to the information you access online

Duo will become required for all students, staff, faculty members, and sponsored account holders by February, 2020, but you are highly encouraged to enroll in Duo at any time. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and using Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

If you need assistance enrolling in Duo or have issues authenticating to Calvin services after enrolling, please stop by the HelpDesk (located in the basement of Hekman Library) during Duo Support hours. Duo Support is offered Tuesdays from 1:00pm-4:00pm and Thursdays from 10:30am-12:30pm.

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Easy enrollment with your cell phone

How to use Duo

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Understand Duo

Passwords are becoming increasingly easy to compromise. They can often be stolen, guessed, and hacked -- you might not even know who else has your password and is accessing your account. Duo two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your account to make sure that it stays safe by using your phone or other device to verify your identity.

Calvin strongly recommends that you use the Duo Mobile app on your phone or table. While you may still use the text messaging option, it isn’t the most secure option, and each text or phone call is an expense to the University. Duo Mobile is currently the best way to safeguard your information and identity.

Calvin IT strongly recommends that you use the Outlook app on your computer and devices for the best user experience.  You can also access mail through https://owa.calvin.edu. If email has stopped working, it is likely you are using a non outlook mail reader such as Mac Mail or Android Email.  You will likely need to re-setup your Calvin mail in the app as long as it supports modern authentication.  Android Mail Does Not support modern authentication at this time so you will need to install the Outlook app.  Follow the advice in this Knowledge Base Article.

By February, 2020, Duo authentication will become required for all current students, faculty, and sponsored account holders at the Calvin University. Opting out of Duo is not an option once Duo has been associated with your account. If you are unable to set up Duo by February, 2020, please contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

Because Duo has so many ways to authenticate your identity, it is expected that Duo Security will be able to accommodate every user.  If you have questions about Duo's accessibility, please contact the HelpDesk.

Duo is associated with your account, and not with your status at Calvin University.  Once Duo has been associated with your account, it is no longer possible to opt out of it.  You will need to continue authenticating with Duo as long as you are using your Calvin account online.

Retirees who have Calvin compensation, benefits, access to student data, and/or are otherwise an active member of the Calvin community (such as faculty emeritus) are required to enroll in Duo to be able to access those services online.

Yes. If you are logging in from off campus to check HR or other on-campus systems, you will need to use Duo.  For this case, it would be good to register one or more phone numbers. These can be your home phone or a cell phone. Using this method, you will ask DUO to call you and when you answer your phone you will need to press the # key to confirm that it’s really you.

No. Calvin verifies your password with its own systems, and never sends it to Duo. Duo provides only the second factor - the "something you have". Duo stores very little information - just enough to do its job.

Set up Duo

Duo's self-enrollment process makes it easy to register your phone or tablet and install the application on your device. The Duo Mobile App currently works on both Apple and Android devices. To begin the enrollment process, please visit duo.calvin.edu.

While you may still use the text messaging option, note that, in 2017, security experts at Positive Technologies proved that text and SMS messages can be intercepted by hackers. This means that authentication methods that rely on SMS and text messaging aren’t quite safe. While installing another app is not always a popular choice, Duo Mobile is currently the best way to safeguard your information and identity. Calvin is also charged a small fee for every Duo text message sent so we highly recommend you use the mobile apps push notifications whenever possible.

We recommend that users who have a smartphone choose to use it, since smartphones are the easiest way to use Duo and the most cost-effective for Calvin.  However, you can also use a cell phone, a landline (such as your office or home phone), a tablet, or a hardware token (key fob). Duo also lets you link multiple devices to your account, so you can use your mobile phone, a landline and/or tablet. Hardware tokens are made available for a fee by CIT through the HelpDesk 

Contact the HelpDesk via email or call 616-526-8555 immediately if you lose your phone or suspect that it has been stolen. The device will be disabled for authentication and you will be assisted in enrolling another phone/device. While it is important that you contact the HelpDesk if you lose your phone, remember that your password will still protect your account.

We encourage users to set up multiple authentication methods with Duo, so that when one method is unavailable, you have a backup option such as a tablet or another phone number. You may setup additional authentication methods at https://duo.calvin.edu. Finally, if you have no backup authentication methods, contact the HelpDesk for a temporary bypass code.

Not if you use the mobile app! Standard data rates through your mobile provider apply when using text, but Duo is very efficient and uses nominal amounts of data. Where available, CIT recommends that you use trusted wifi networks to connect your mobile device. Voice calls and text messages from Duo are billed to Calvin so keeping calls and texts to a minimum is appreciated. Calvin recommends that you use the mobile app as it is the quickest and most convenient option and does not incur any additional cost to Calvin.

If you get a new phone you will need to re-activate Duo Mobile, please see the instructions to enroll another device in the Duo Enrollment Guide. This is when having a backup device is helpful, or if you kept the same phone number you can have a SMS text sent to your new device to re-enroll.

The HelpDesk manages the distribution of hardware tokens. Very few people will need a hardware token, but there are some people who do not have a cell phone and will need another method to authenticate. Departments are able to purchase a hardware token for faculty or staff. Students will be charged a small refundable deposit if they need a hardware token.

Please return all hardware tokens to the CIT HelpDesk.

You may register for Duo at any time by going to the self-enrollment portal at https://duo.calvin.edu.

Troubleshoot Duo

Duo Help

You will have many chances to authenticate a request. After you have exceeded the number of chances, your two-factor authentication will be deactivated, and you will not be able to access the system you are attempting to log into. Contact the HelpDesk for further assistance.

Deny the request and report the incident to the HelpDesk immediately via email or by calling 616-526-8555.

Your account will lock when there are too many failed attempts to authenticate. The lock out time is set to 5 minutes and then your account will reset back to active status for you to log in. If you need assistance or wish to have your account immediately unlocked, please contact the HelpDesk at 616-526-8555.

Make sure that your web browser is not in private or incognito mode (cookies must be enabled and allowed for this feature to work).

If you are traveling internationally & have questions about how Duo will operate outside of the United States please call the Help Desk at 616-526-8555 or email HelpDesk to setup your account for international access.

Duo and my Phone

You may have trouble receiving Push requests if there are network issues between your phone and our service. Turning the phone to airplane mode and then back to normal operating mode often resolves these sorts of issues, if there is a reliable internet connection available. You can also turn off the WiFi connection on your device and use the cellular data connection instead.

Check the time and date on your phone and make sure they are correct. If the date and time on your phone are manually set, try changing your device's configuration to sync the date and time automatically with the network.

Yes, however the "Call Me" feature is limited to most phones with US and Canada area codes. Duo Push notifications and passcodes on smartphones will still work as normal, even if that phone has an international number.

Yes. Any device capable of receiving a phone call can be registered as a “phone”, also referred to in some Duo documentation as a “landline” even though simpler cell phones also qualify.

Even if you have no access to WiFi or cellular service, you can still use the Duo Mobile app. By clicking on Calvin University in the Duo Mobile app you will see a unique rotating code number that you can supply during authentication.

If you have not enrolled a backup device, please contact the HelpDesk via email or by calling 616-526-8555 for assistance.