Hiring is a tough process. From employment laws, process requirements, and time commitment, this isn't something to be taken lightly. That’s why the Calvin HR team is here to help. We do this every day and can, as your consultant, give you as much support as you need.

Staff Replacements

In order to replace a staff member who is leaving, the hiring manager or budget officer should complete the Staff Replacement Request Form as the very first step towards launching their search. Take this time also to think about the roles of your team and how your department is structured- this could be the perfect opportunity to switch things up! Certain changes to an existing position such as classification or FTE will require additional information for the approval process to support the request. Changes that would involve an increase in budget should be discussed with your division VP beforehand.

Please also be sure to review, update and finalize a copy of the position description and email it to: humanresources@calvin.edu

All staff replacements are required to follow the Staff Process Workflow. Exceptions to the workflow are only allowed with full cabinet level approval.

Cabinet Approval Requirements (all forms/documents are due the Friday before the next cabinet meeting):

  1. Staff Replacement Request Form
  2. Updated position Description to HR

Once our office has those forms, we have some data to provide also so please complete this as soon as possible!

New Position Requests

New position requests should be considered as part of the budgeting process and must be submitted before the fiscal year is finalized. Hiring managers should be prepared to provide their Division VP with data and strong justification for a new role.

Craft a position description and finalize it with your supervisor. Our team can review it too! Reach out to us for templates, benchmark data and other resources.

Hiring Managers or Budget Officers should also complete the New Position Request Form

Cabinet Approval Requirements:

  1. Craft a proposal which provides justification for the request. Make sure your Division VP reviews to proposal and knows this request is pending
  2. Finalize the position description
  3. Complete the New Position Request Form
  4. Work with HR to finalize salary benchmark and benefits cost (cost analysis should be in section 1 of your proposal)