Health insurance

Selecting health care providers with a comprehensive network is critical to finding good medical care and we provide excellent coverage with three plan options (one traditional HMO and two high deductible HSA plans) offered through Priority Health.

All information regarding current health plan coverage and premiums may be found on the HR SharePoint page at

Dental insurance

Delta Dental of Michigan administers our PPO dental plan to eligible employees. For more information on the plan, view the HR SharePoint page at

Voluntary Vision insurance

Employees can enroll in voluntary vision insurance provided through EyeMed. This is a voluntary benefit where the employee pays the full cost of the insurance, post-tax, through payroll deduction.

Employees should visit the HR Benefits SharePoint page to view the costs and Summary of Benefits.

Employer-provided group life insurance

Through Lincoln Financial Group, the university provides group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage for employees at no cost. If a staff member ends employment at Calvin, he or she may elect to convert the group life insurance policy to an individual policy.

For more information visit the HR Benefits SharePoint page.

Voluntary life insurance

The university provides a life insurance policy but you may want more. Additional life insurance coverage is available for purchase through Lincoln Financial Group. For more information, view the HR Benefits SharePoint page.

Flexible spending & Health Savings Account (HSA)

Through payroll deductions, employees can allocate money to a flexible spending or HSA account depending on their health plan election. This money is deducted pretax, lowering overall tax liability and can be used to pay for dependent/childcare expenses, unreimbursed medical expenses, and other health related expenses.

Details about these plans and reimbursable health expenses are available on the HR Benefits SharePoint page.

Workers compensation

Please be careful, but if you are injured at work, we have coverage for that too. Necessary forms and information on seeking medical attention are available on the environmental health and safety website. 

Long-term disability insurance

Through Lincoln Financial Group the university provides eligible staff with a long-term disability insurance policy. With an approved disability claim, this policy pays 60% of pre-disability earnings.

For more information visit the HR Benefits SharePoint page.