The college is committed to being an institution that values family and strives to provide a positive environment in which employees and their families can thrive. Summarized below are some of the initiatives the college has implemented in recognition of its family-friendly environment.


For eligible staff, the college provides partial reimbursement for costs associated with adoption. The amount of reimbursement is set every year. Please contact us for help with applying for this benefit. More information is available in the staff handbook

Childcare resources

Calvin is committed to being a family-friendly workplace. One of the areas where we show this commitment is through our childcare resources. We have one nursing mother's room and two on-campus childcare rooms for short-term childcare use. You supply the childcare provider and we provide the space. Complete childcare room use form and contact us for more information.

Calvin childcare rooms

The college has two on-campus childcare rooms and one nursing mother's room. Faculty, staff and students may bring their children, accompanied by a parent-selected caregiver to these rooms for short-term childcare use. Download a printable pdf map of locations of childcare rooms and baby changing stations. Nursing mothers unable to locate a private place, in close proximity to their work area, should contact us for assistance.

Employee medical

Sick leave

The college offers paid time off to eligible employees for personal illness and medical appointments. Sick time is not accrued, may not be used as personal time, extra vacation or to care for a sick family member.  Please see the handbook for additional information.

FMLA medical leave (greater than 5 days)

FMLA is the Family Medical Leave Act, a federal act which provides specific rights and responsibilities to employers and employees. The college provides eligible employees with paid leave for personal medical reasons when the leave is greater than five days. The leave request must be completed by your physician and may be taken intermittently or as a continuous leave. Please contact us to discuss eligibility and complete the necessary forms

Maternity leave

Staff members are entitled to take up to twelve weeks of maternity leave as outlined in FMLA. The college offers up to six weeks of paid maternity leave, based on individual circumstances. For specific information on eligibility and return-to-work requirements, visit the handbook.

Family medical

Family care days

For eligible employees, the college offers two days of paid time off. These days may be used to care for an immediate family member and may include doctor and dentist appointments. Please see handbook for more information. 

FMLA family medical leave (greater than 2 days)

FMLA is the Family Medical Leave Act, a federal act which provides specific rights and responsibilities to employers and employees. The college provides eligible employees with job-protected unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks. Documented family medical leave may be taken intermittently or as a continuous leave. It may also be used in conjunction with paid time off. Please contact us to discuss eligibility and complete the necessary forms.

Funeral leave

In the event of a family member death, the college offers additional paid time off to help eligible employees during difficult times. Please see the handbook for guidelines on duration of leave. 


Dependent Calvin tuition

Calvin provides up to an 80% tuition waiver to the dependent children of eligible staff members. They will get a college education that won’t break the bank, and you will get the satisfaction of knowing they are attending one of the best liberal arts schools in the country. See the dependent tuition waiver plan document for more information.

K-12 tuition grant

Calvin is committed to Christian education—just like you! That’s why we offer grants up to 20% towards the tuition of your children in Christian elementary and secondary schools. Human resources automatically generates forms for this benefit each academic year, but if you have a child entering a Christian school for the first time, be sure to let us know. Click here for information on eligibility.

For information on faculty grant-in-aid please contact us.

Spouse Calvin tuition

We want your spouse to be a lifelong learner too. That’s why the spouse of an eligible full-time staff member can audit any college course for free. If your spouse would like to take a course for credit, he or she can receive a waiver for half the tuition by completing the spouse tuition waiver form.

Employee assistance program (EAP)

The employee assistance program is designed to offer confidential assistance to employees, spouses and dependents whose personal problems are affecting their quality of life and/or job performance. You can learn more about the services offered through our EAP by visiting the FAQ on the Pine Rest EAP site. You can speak to a representative from our employee assistance program by calling locally to 616-455-6210 or toll free at 1-800-442-0809. For more information take a look at the EAP brochure or flyer.

Alternative work arrangements

Some positions permit alternative work schedules and arrangements. Examples of this kind of change might include compressed working hours (40-45 hours in four days per week) or a reduction in FTE. Staff members may request a change to regularly scheduled hours. Short-term alternative work schedule requests need only to go through the supervisor. Long-term alternative work arrangement requests need to be approved and are reviewed. Not all requests for alternative schedules will be granted but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Completed forms will be reviewed by human resources.