Ambassadors are department representatives that communicate and promote Healthy Habits programs and activities. Ambassadors are passionate about health and wellbeing. In short, Ambassadors encourage colleagues and co-workers to treat their bodies as God's creation for lifelong Christian service.

Who is my ambassador?

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Why have an Ambassador?

Healthy Habits is a program designed to promote and integrate wellness into the culture of Calvin staff and faculty. Through the Ambassador Program, we are able to put a “face” to Healthy Habits. Additionally, behavior modification is facilitated successfully when groups of individuals share a common goal. Group participants share their experience and strengthen each other. The Ambassador Program works toward establishing a culture of health and wellness at Calvin, beginning at the department level.

What is the role of an Ambassador?

  • Model a healthy lifestyle in their respective department and building.
  • Be familiar with all Healthy Habits programming in order to field questions from co-workers.
  • Communicate Healthy Habits program information in your department, division and/or building.
  • Periodically assist with Healthy Habits programs if needed.

What is the role of Healthy Habits in relation to Ambassadors?

  • Provide training, information and updates on new and existing Healthy Habits programs.
  • Have methods in place to keep Ambassadors informed about Healthy Habits offerings.
  • Listen to and respond to suggestions from Ambassadors.
  • Encourage Ambassadors.
  • Hold quarterly luncheons for Ambassadors.

Why become an Ambassador?

  • You will be the first to know about Healthy Habits offerings.
  • You will have input into program design and activities offered.
  • You will receive a specially-designed Ambassador shirt.
  • You will receive invitations to quarterly Ambassador luncheons.
  • You will be recognized as playing a leadership role on campus!