Healthy Habits is a comprehensive wellness program for Calvin University faculty, staff, retirees and spouses.

Our mission statement

The mission of Healthy Habits is to promote healthy living and well-being through a comprehensive wellness program that includes physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and environmental health, as part of the overall mission of Calvin University.

Our goals

  1. To provide programs and opportunities that promote personal health and well-being for Calvin University employees, retirees and spouses.
  2. To create a supportive community atmosphere for the pursuit of wellness goals.
  3. To encourage participants to treat their bodies as God's creation for lifelong Christian service.

Our vision

“Calvin is a place where wellness is the norm”
  • Where there is a community committed to pursuing and supporting each other in healthy living and well-being.
  • Where personal and group shalom is being practiced daily.
  • Where healthy choices are available, accessible and encouraged.
  • Where work-life balance is emphasized.
  • Where employees enjoy their work and are highly productive.
  • Where leaders are engaged in wellness initiatives.
  • Where there are accepted, campus-wide wellness goals and objectives.
  • Where health is being maintained and improved…and risk is being reduced.
  • Where Healthy Habits is a corporate strategy and a community lifestyle.

Awards and recognition