Getting Vaccinated on Campus

Health Services has pivoted to Moderna vaccine in light of the current CDC pause on Johnson and Johnson. Anyone who signed up previously for Johnson and Johnson will be contacted about the new process for Moderna. Anyone who would like to register for the Moderna vaccine through Health Services is invited to register for the vaccine.

Appointments for the vaccine are not to be scheduled over the phone or by emailing Health Services. Please help us serve our patients well by keeping our phone lines and email accounts open for medical and mental health care needs.

We will invite employees and students based on health risks and age.

As we get more vaccine, we will send out more email invitations. We will be offering the vaccine throughout the summer months and hope to help our Calvin community reach herd immunity by fall semester.

Individuals will be invited by prioritization based on age and health risks with 60% of available vaccine for those over 50 and 30% for those under 50 who have a compromised immune system. Remaining doses will be offered to others eligible to receive the vaccine according to the date they registered for it.

We strongly encourage you to stay registered outside of Health Services also, using Vaccinate West Michigan.

This will expedite your ability to get vaccinated in a timely manner because Health Services has such a limited supply each week.

If you had COVID-19 in the past 90 days, you likely have some immunity to one strain even if your infection was mild. The vaccine has been shown to lower the severity of disease for multiple strains, so you are encouraged to still get vaccinated after having COVID-19, though some are preferring to wait 90 days to allow others to get immunized while supply is limited.

If you have questions about the various COVID-19 vaccines, the Vaccinate West Michigan website has a FAQ section and there is a brand-new website from the CDC that offers a wide variety of helpful FAQs, background info, and more.

Also, if you are a student and have been vaccinated, you may waive out of COVID-19 weekly screening by uploading proof of vaccination to the COVID reporting form.