To: Calvin University Academic Division
From: Arlene Hoogewerf, Academic Dean and Calvin University Pandemic COVID-19 Task Force Team Leader for the Academic Division
Subject: Coronavirus Update
Date: March 10, 2020

1. Calvin is monitoring the situation carefully and has personnel in place to respond as needed. The university has instituted a Calvin University Pandemic COVID-19 Task Force who is regularly meeting to plan and quickly and respond to the situation as it evolves.

2. Calvin will follow CDC guidelines and directives from federal, state, and local officials regarding how best to protect students and staff and how best to help to slow the spread of the virus.

3. These guidelines/directives can change quickly as hot spots of infection appear, so it is vital to be prepared ahead of time.

4. Common directives/mitigation strategies are the following:

  • For asymptomatic travelers who come from a high concentration area, CDC recommends self-monitoring for 14 days without any isolation or activity restrictions.
  • For those who come in close contact, CDC recommends self-isolation in place with no shared bathroom or bedroom for 14 days with self-monitoring.
  • Those who test positive, CDC recommends isolation until cleared (limited space for students to isolate).
  • For Calvin, once there is a positive case, the emergency policy group determines strategy (e.g., school closure) in discussion with the health department.

5. Calvin is committed to continuing to offer the highest quality of education possible under the circumstances.

6. To prepare to do so, faculty should make a plan for how best to teach their courses remotely, via Moodle, or another Calvin-supported digital platform. They should assemble the resources they need to teach remotely so that they can gather those items quickly, if need be. We encourage faculty to reach out to colleagues and other IT staff if they require assistance in the use of Calvin-supported digital platforms. Please see the separate memo from Brian Paige, associate vice president for information technology and CIO, for more details.

7. Faculty should prepare students for the possibility of changes to how a course will be delivered by sharing the plan with students and ensuring that all students have access to the digital tools they will need to complete the course.

8.Finally, faculty should be encouraged to stay home if they are ill and to encourage students who are ill to not come to class. Everyone is reminded to practice good hygiene, including the use of handwashing and hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol.