All student, staff and faculty reimbursements are processed through Accounts Payable and will be done by direct deposit. Depending on when you last completed paperwork, banking information may need to be given specifically to the accounts payable office, even if it has already been disclosed to the Payroll Office. Authorization may be granted only by submitting a signed paper copy of the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Stipends & Honoraria

Submissions of stipend/honoraria payments must be complete and accurate:

  • Must include all pertinent information such as date, name of recipient, service rendered, account number and payment  amount. 
  • Must follow the signatures rules: Less than $200 – Department Chair or Budget Officer; Between $200 and $500 – Dean; Over $500 – Provost or Divisional VP

Stipends for non-exempt (hourly) employees (including students) must be submitted to the payroll office by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday preceding a payroll week to be included in that payroll. Stipends for exempt (salaried) employees need to be submitted to our office one week prior to the pay date. All stipends received after these deadlines will be included on the next payroll. 

Any employee paid during the calendar year on payroll must have all subsequent payments (stipends & honorarium) during that year must also be processed through payroll (as opposed to Accounts Payable). 

Questions regarding honoraria payments to non-employee should be addressed to the accounts payable department.