Understanding your accounts and statements

You have two types of accounts. Each comes with a statement when you're attending Calvin:

1) Tuition, Room and Board Statement

This statement includes charges for tuition, room and board, course-related fees, and off-campus semester program charges.

The statements will be available approximately two weeks prior to each due date.

Tuition, room and board charges are billed per semester. The amount due on the tuition, room and board statement is calculated after financial aid.

  • Past Due Amount: Any amount previously due that has not been paid as of the date the current statement was printed.
  • Account Balance: The total remaining amount due for the entire semester after financial aid and payments have been applied. If the account balance is a negative amount, a refund check may be requested from the Financial Services Office.
  • Minimum Amount Due: The amount that must be paid by the due date. If the minimum amount due is a negative number, no payment is required.
  • Balance Forward: The account balance from the previous statement.
  • Account Charges: The tuition statement includes charges for one semester of tuition, room, board, course related fees, off-campus semester charges and late fees only. Questions about housing charges and/or changes should be directed to the Housing Office in Residence Life.

2) Statement of Fees and Miscellaneous Charges

This statement covers miscellaneous items such as parking violations, health insurance, and other non-tuition related fees. See below for a full explanation of each type of miscellaneous bill.

Payment of the statement of fees and miscellaneous charges is due on the 1st of each month. Miscellaneous expenses are to be paid in full each month.

Find your statements

You will receive email notifications indicating when you have a statement ready to view. The email notification is not the statement. To see your itemized statements, log into the Student Billing & Payment Center using your Calvin username and passphrase.


Housing charge: Charges for board in residence halls or on-campus apartments. Direct questions to the Housing Office - (616) 526-6120 or housing@calvin.edu.
Health services charge: Most often a charge for United HealthCare insurance or medical care received at Health Services. For more information about United HealthCare, go here
Other chargesHekman Library fines, residence hall damages, parking violations, telephone charges and student activity fees.