Student Sign-In for CashNet

Adding an Authorized User to Your Account

  • Log into the CashNet site using the above steps
  • Under the heading Authorized User Information on the CashNet home screen, select "Add New"

CashNet home screen

  • Complete the form on the following screen to set up your new authorized payee. Be sure to check "Yes" under the prompt, "Should this user be able to... Log in"
  • After submitting this form, the user will receive an email containing their username/Parent PIN and temporary password

Creating an Authorized User Account

  • Once your student(s) have added you as an authorized user, you will receive an email with a website link, username/Parent PIN, and temporary password
    • Email will be sent from:
    • Subject line will be: "Student Name has created an account for you at Calvin College"
  • Click or paste the website link into your browser and log in using the username/Parent PIN and password provided in the email
  • Create a new password for your own authorized user CashNet account

***If you have more than one student that you would like to pay for...

  1. Have all of your students add you as an authorized user on their individual accounts. You will receive multiple emails and multiple log-ins
  2. Using only one of the emails from your students, log into your authorized user account and create a new password
  3. Once on the CashNet home screen, select "Add New" under the Student Links heading
  4. Enter your username/Parent PIN and temporary password(s) from your other students' invitation emails

CashNet home screen