Students may set up parents and guardians as authorized users of the Student Billing & Payment Center. Authorized users access the payment center using their own username and password to view statements, store banking information, schedule repeat payments, and access payment history.

Create an authorized user account

  • Once your student(s) have added you as an authorized user, you will receive an email with a website link, username, and temporary password
    • Email will be sent from:
    • Subject line will be: "Student Name has created an account for you at Calvin University"
  • Click or paste the website link into your browser and log in using the username and password provided in the email
  • Create a new password for your own authorized user CashNet account

  • Please note that requesting a payment plan and scheduling payments are two separate processed. Scheduling payments does not actually sign you up for a payment plan.
  • To formally sign up for a payment plan you should visit the Financial Services website at calvin.ed/offices-services/financial-services/billing