Our Mission

Calvin’s Facilities Department exists to glorify God by providing the best possible environment for encouraging academic excellence and Christian community.

We will be known for:

  • Excellent service to the Calvin community
  • Responsible stewardship of gifts and resources
  • High standards of professional and personal accountability
  • Sustainable development and management of campus resources
  • Professional and effective communication

Facilities contact information

Facilities has updated the way that work requests are processed. Please follow the steps below to submit a request.

Day-to-day facilities needs

Work requests should be submitted to facilityrequest@calvin.edu.

Please include the following information when submitting a work request:

  • Building name
  • Room number / location of issue
  • Detailed description of the issue
  • Photos (highly recommended). Photos need to be put into the body of the email (not as an attachment).
  • Your contact information

All work requests should be communicated via email at facilityrequest@calvin.edu (even if you call the central office)

If the issue requires immediate attention, see the emergency contact procedure below.

Emergencies/on call

For all emergency related issues, during the week and weekends, contact Campus Safety Dispatch at 616-526-6452.

Work Orders

  • Requests estimated under $3,000
  • Requires fewer than two days to complete

Please include the following information: (Copy and paste if needed)

  • Building Name 
  • Room Number / Location of Issue 
  • Detailed Description of Issue 
  • Photos (Highly Recommended) Photos need to be put into the body of the email. (Not as an attachment) 
  • Contact Information

Capital Project Requests

  • Requests estimated over $3,000
  • Requires more than two days to complete


  • Classroom technology
  • Mail and Print services
  • Phone, television, computer support

Campus Safety

  • Building access
  • Vehicle and bicycle registration
  • Contractor authorization
  • Emergency Services


  • Alert Driver certification
  • Car, Van, or Bus rental