25Live Quick Guide

Submit your reservation at: https://calvin.edu/go/reservations

Enter your Calvin username and passphrase. (E.g. abc12@calvin.edu)

Download printer-friendly instructions

Express scheduling event (box on the right)

  1. Choose this if you are planning a basic meeting not needing any setup, cleanup, AV or catering.
  2. Select the date you are interested in and the time of your event.
  3. Click on the box under available express locations, and the spaces that are available during the time you selected will show.
  4. Type in the name of your event, and press “Save” your room request has now been submitted and approved.

Regular scheduling

Select Open Event Wizard in the Express Scheduling box OR the Create an Event button on the left.

1. Enter “Event Name”
  • 40 characters maximum including spaces.
  • Be specific, clear and accurate. Example: concert, practice or movie. 
  • Avoid using acronyms.
  • Event title — needed only if you want to expound on the Event Name.
2. Select “Event Type”
  • Select from the scroll down menu.
  • Choose an event type — cannot be changed once the event is saved.
3. Select “Primary Organization for this Event”
  • Begin typing the name of the organization or department responsible for your event. Select from the choice(s) displayed.
 4. Enter additional basic event information
  • Add in your expected head count.
  • Include additional information about your event if you’d like. Provide detailed description highlights (Who, What and Why).
5. Will your event will occur once or multiple times?
  • “Yes” gives you the opportunity to select if the event happens weekly, monthly or allow you to select varying dates.
6. Select your “Event Date and Time”
  • Enter the date and time of the event.
  • Do you know the amount of time needed for room setup and/or tear down?
    • “Yes”— Enter the information below the event times.
    • “No”— Event Services may add the time information.
  • For events with multiple occurrences, follow the prompts to select additional days for your event’s occurrence.
    •  If the repeat event occurs at different times of the day, additional reservations are required.
7. Select your “Event Location”
  • Search — type your preferred location name and click search.  Use building codes to narrow down the building search (E.g. HH for Hiemenga Hall).  Entering the room number is often more successful than using the name or code.
    • Green check — location is available during your requested times.
    • Red triangle — location is unavailable during your requested times.
  • Select preferred location — populates in the “Selected Locations” list to the right.
8. Add “Event Resources”
  • You may choose resources if you’d like, but often it is simpler to leave this blank and just tell us what you need in the “Event Description” box near the beginning of the form or the “Comments” box at the end of the form.
  • Browse resources by selecting among resource searches or index of names.
    • Resources available include Catering (Food Service), Building (room setup), Audio (technical needs) and Calendar (if you want your event to appear on the Calvin web calendar). 
    • Enter specific needs in the setup box under the assigned resource.
  • Select multiple resources by event occurrence.
  • Click Modify Selected Occurrences to complete details for each occurrence of a resource.
9. Select Contacts for the event
  • Choose your name or the name of the person you are making the reservation for as the Requester.
10. Choose if you want your event published to the university web calendar.
11. Read the Affirmation and check if you agree.
12. Click “Save”
  • This is a critical step in the event request process!
  • Once you have completed your event request and entered all of the necessary information, click the “Save” button.
  • “Your event has been successfully saved!” will appear at the top of the event wizard.
  • Please completely finish the event request process by clicking ‘Close’.
  • Your event is now sent to Event Services where someone will review and approve or contact you with questions if needed. Once you receive an emailed confirmation from someone in Event Services, you’ll know your event is confirmed.

If you’d like to change or cancel an event, please contact Event Services at 526-6280.

If you want to view all of the spaces in a building to see what space is available to you click on the “See Available Locations” button on the home page.

  • Click on the blue “Your Starred Locations” button and choose a building/area on campus
  • Under the blue button you can change your date and time by clicking on the date that is displayed.
  • From there you can see which spaces are available for you to reserve as well as details about the spaces.


Please contact Event Services at 526-6280.