The office of enrollment research at Calvin carries out research, data analysis, and reporting to support institutional decision-making.

The primary focus of the office has been support for admissions and financial aid activities in the enrollment division.

Primary responsibilities of our office

  • Coordinating official enrollment reporting (Day 10) for new and continuing students.
  • Maintaining and coordinating a database of enrollment-based research and institutional data.
  • Providing research in admissions and financial aid such as prospect and applicant studies, scholarship competitiveness, enrollment projections and price sensitivity.
  • Performing student-related studies on retention/attrition, satisfaction, institutional performance, graduation rate studies, and demographic profiles.
  • Coordinating institutional reporting to internal and external agencies.
  • Collecting, analyzing, and assisting in the interpretation of data and information descriptive of Calvin University's activities.
  • Advising and supporting administrative divisions and academic departments on conducting and disseminating institutional research.