Event Publications

Invitations, programs, menus, postcards and conference programs—for events such as the Symposium on Worship or the Festival of Faith and Writing, for example—form a special category of Calvin publications. Publications from this category may require a more formal editorial style, which includes uppercasing titles of events and persons involved in the events. Authors of publications tied to events (Commencement, Honors Convocation, the Scholarship Dinner) are free to use either the Calvin style or a more formal style for their invitations, programs, menus, postcards and conference programs.

Consistency is the key to good editorial style: Whatever style is chosen, it is important to follow that style throughout the publication. Please note that it is the recommendation of this guide that formal style be reserved for a very few and select publications.

NOTE: Current Calvin style recommends lowercasing names of menu items—except for the first word on a line and proper nouns—on programs in which titles have been uppercased. (See example.)

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