A guide to writing and editing for Calvin publications 


Introduction by Professor James Vanden Bosch

Tone and Style Guidelines

A. Acronyms
Usage of acronyms, the abbreviated forms of titles and other terms

B. Athletic Terms
Usage of sports-related terminology

C. Calvin
Style issues pertinent to Calvin University: usage of administrative and
academic titles, department and discipline names, facility names, etc.

D. Computer Terms
Usage of computer and Internet terminology

E. Event publications
Covers style usage for formal publications

F. Numbers
Usage of numerical figures: biblical citations, dates, grade levels, historical periods, measurements, money, percentages, telephone numbers and time

G. Places
Abbreviations of state names as well as proper use of compass directions

H. Punctuation 
Usage of the ampersand, apostrophe, colon, comma, dash (en and em), ellipsis, hyphen, italics, parentheses, quotation marks and semicolon

I. Religious Terms
Usage of Christian and other religious terminology

J. Time 
Accurate representation of eras, centuries, dates, decades, months,
times of day and seasons

K. Titles, of Compositions 
Usage of newspaper, magazine, musical and other composition titles

L. Titles, of Persons
Usage of academic, courtesy and other titles

M. Unbiased Language 
Usage of gender-neutral and racially sensitive terminology