Calvin’s media and public relations team is committed to advancing the reputation of the university through sharing its story with various audiences. We are also dedicated to helping local, national and global media tell informative and compelling stories.

Working with the media

We recognize the difficult task reporters have in helping their audiences understand the complex issues of the day, oftentimes needing to do so in only a few hundred words or a pair of 15-second soundbytes—and typically on a tight deadline.

That’s where we are ready and willing to help. Our experts are thought leaders in many areas of culture and are committed to helping reporters and their audiences understand topics that capture the headlines locally, nationally or globally—oftentimes providing fresh perspectives and/or deeper insights into a story. And our faculty and staff can explain an issue or topic in a way that is accessible to the intended audience.

Dig deeper into a topic and explore our list of experts by contacting our media relations office at (616) 526-8935 or to set up an interview with one of our thought leaders.

Preparing for the media

We are committed to helping the Calvin community have positive interactions with the media. In order to do that, we feel it is important that faculty and staff are well prepared. If you are contacted by a member of the media to participate in a story or offer expert commentary on a topic, we invite you to consult with media relations staff prior to the interview. We regularly work with reporters and can help answer your questions and prepare you for the interview. You are also encouraged to review our philosophy of media relations document, which provides practical tips for working with the media.

Whether you are talking about a project you are passionate about or being asked to contribute during a crisis situation, we are ready and willing to help you prepare for any and all media interactions you’ll encounter. Contact our media relations office at (616) 526-8935 or for a consultation.

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Matthew Kucinski

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