We want to do our best work for you! In order to do that, please be familiar with the following C&M service guidelines and timetables so that our expectations are inline as we begin our work together.

  • 1. Start a project

    Send us a project request. Your project will be logged into our system and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please provide a full description of the project and all required elements.

    Request a photoshoot. In-house photography rates are $35/hour for photography and editing, with a one-hour minimum. Rates vary depending on photographer availability.

  • 2. Submit content or samples

    As soon as you submit the project request, email any additional content or samples to marketing@calvin.edu. Projects will not begin until content is received. If projects are submitted with inadequate content, the deadlines may be adjusted. Our team will reach out with any questions.

  • 3. Request data

    If you need data, you’ll need to request it prior to your mail date. Questions can be sent to alumni@calvin.edu or admissions@calvin.edu.

  • 4. Edits and approvals

    The proofing process relies on the project owner (you!) to gather all edits/feedback and distill into a single voice back to C&M. Final approval rests with you, too, so please review text and design with an eagle eye. Printers will charge $35 or more per proof when changes are made during print production.

  • 5. Print-and-mail projects

    C&M will gladly oversee the mailing of your print project. You will need to provide a mailing list one week prior to the drop date. NOTE: The post office can hold non-profit mailings for up to 10 days before mailing. Plan accordingly.

  • 6. Schedule changes

    Occasionally C&M will need to adjust project timelines based on capacity and priorities set by college leadership. We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes to your project.

  • 7. Questions?

    Please contact us at (616) 526-6896.


Recommended timelines

Project type Design ($35/hour) Printing (per quote) Final approval w/ mailing (postage & handling) Total*
HTML email 1 week --- 1–3 days 2–3 days +/-2 weeks
Simple ad
Simple program
2 weeks 1 week 2–3 days 1 week +/-4 weeks
Multi-page docs
4 weeks 2 weeks 2–3 days 1 week +/-7 weeks
Major projects
New concepts
Complete redesigns
Multiple channels
4–8 weeks (or 2 weeks per component) 3 weeks 2–3 days 1 week +/-8–12 weeks
Web redesigns Website redesigns are tackled based on capacity and priorities set by college leadership.

Need it sooner? Please contact us at (616) 526-6896 to discuss your options.

Got it. Now let’s get started!