Calvin’s brand identity is the visual representation of our institution, rooted in our brand strategy and personality.

Reaching beyond logo, brand identity is a comprehensive recipe governed by systematic standards. This toolkit maintains the visual consistency, quality and reputation of Calvin University.

Get a glimpse of Calvin’s identity standards below, or use the full brand identity standards pdf as a detailed user’s guide.

Color palette

Calvin’s color palette is anchored by the legacy of its maroon and gold, while bolstered by the newness and energy of a supporting palette. These colors communicate Calvin’s story of discovery and fearless investigation.


Calvin’s identity features a suite of typefaces for specific uses. These typefaces—or their system alternates—must be used in all communication products. Calvin’s typeface suite includes Constantia, Gotham and Century Schoolbook.


Calvin’s photography should be professional, high-resolution and displayed in natural colors (refrain from filters). Photography should fit the categories of “exploration,” “curiosity” or “moments.”