Emerging from our university-wide branding process, a new visual brand identity has been created to speak to the heart of the Calvin University story.

The cornerstone component of the brand identity is our updated logo—the one element that will be featured on virtually all communication products. The university’s logo, replacing the Calvin College nameplate (designed in the 1990s to add consistency to all publications), has evolved through open community feedback to better reflect our institutional brand personality led by values of discovery, curiosity, investigation and innovation within God’s world.

The logo will not replace the heart-in-hand seal, a traditional, formal seal, which will continue to be used for presidential and academic materials.

The elements of Calvin's nameplate


Calvin’s logotype is called the nameplate and includes “Calvin” and “University” set in specific and unchanging typographical styling and placements. The placement of “Calvin” and “University” varies depending on the logo format but they always exist together. “Calvin” is a highly customized type treatment derived from the font Constantia, demonstrating both tradition and progress, while “University” is set in a modified Gotham font. Unlike the former nameplate for Calvin College, this nameplate is not designed to be used on its own, but in any of the approved arrangements with the wayfinder.


The symbol to the right of the nameplate is called the wayfinder. It is a symbol of exploration and destination. Its chevron shape is derived from the square in the college’s official seal, which will still be used for formal publications. The four outermost corners form a square, paying homage to the institution’s foundational theology that every square inch belongs to God.

Within the wayfinder is the reflective “c” symbol, standing for “Calvin” and forming the semblance of a heart, also tying into the heart-in-hand element in the institution’s seal.


Including the date in the logo shows Calvin’s longstanding heritage. The university may not look the same as we did at our founding, but many enduring traditions persist, like our commitment to Christ-centered education and our desire to be always reforming.


Calvin’s logo is available in multiple arrangements—vertical and horizontal, and with and without the founding date. While the horizontal arrangement with the date is preferred, all options are equally acceptable. The decision should be dictated by the product to which it is being applied and the associated content.

One of these arrangements of the Calvin University logo must be present on every university communication product without exception.

The wayfinder and nameplate should not be separated or used independently without approval from the office of communications and marketing. Never attempt to redraw or typeset our logo. Official files are available by request through the office of communications and marketing.

Calvin logo configurations