With one voice, Calvin’s office of communications and marketing helps you communicate in a manner that clearly reflects the college’s mission, identity and brand. We serve Calvin by providing tools, strategy and services to enhance the image and visibility of the college.

Our team partners with the Calvin community for print, web, editorial, design and marketing needs. You may approach us with any number of project ideas: strategic marketing and communication planning, media relations, writing and editing, event promotion, internal communications, print and web communications, social media or crisis communication strategy. You can trust the expertise of our in-house, award-winning team of professionals made up of marketing strategy specialists, copywriters, editors, web and print designers, and public relations professionals.

By collaborating with you, we seek to enhance the reputation and recognition of Calvin and broaden the public’s awareness and understanding of the college’s mission, its people and its impact in the world.

Why use C & M?

Partnering with C & M on communications projects in your department will benefit both you and the college.

  • C & M’s projects integrate seamlessly with Calvin’s overall marketing plan, which strengthens the college’s image.
  • Our experienced and skilled team produce high-quality work that accomplishes its intended purpose.
  • You save the higher cost of hiring an outside resource, and your limited internal resources to complete the project do not confine you.

What we do

Editorial Services
Design Services
Web Services
Social Media
Public Relations
Internal Communication

The Calvin brand

Calvin's "brand" is our promise to our audiences based on the college's mission, vision, values and strategic goals. Branding workshops, surveys, discussions and research resulted in very defined personality traits, storylines and message dimensions about Calvin. Our trademarked logo is the cornerstone of our brand. The messages and the logo must be used consistently to strengthen our image. Explore Calvin's brand standards.

Integrated marketing planning

With the help of the communications and marketing team, you will think through your project in a comprehensive way. We will partner with you using integrated marketing to create clear, consistent, compelling material that aligns with its mission, vision, values and strategic goals in everything we say, do and send. Together, we will develop communications plans to deliver these messages and then evaluate their effectiveness.

Communications and marketing also offers consulting services for designing and implementing departmental marketing plans that derive from the college’s strategic plan.

Working together

Our goal is to create a partnership with you that helps us both do our best work. These role guidelines approximate how responsibilities are often divided:

C & M's role:
Review project request form
Contact project owner for more information or further discussion (as needed)
Provide a working proof for review
Send final project files

Your role:
Complete the project request form with all necessary details
Provide follow-up information as requested
Collect feedback from all necessary stakeholders to revise the proof
Pass on final project files to a third party (if necessary)

Each project is unique, and we look forward to discussing the process for your next project.

Publications and visual materials

We manage, design and produce a full range of publications and visual materials including:

  • Recruitment materials such as view books for high school students; brochures for academic programs, housing and financial aid; course catalogs; and the campus tour video.
  • College materials and publications such as event programs, brochures, posters, banners and invitations.

Image/awareness and recruitment advertising

The college uses advertising for the purpose of enhancing its image, creating awareness and promoting enrollment. Our current vehicles include print, web and direct mail, as well as outdoor tactics advertising and social media.

If you would like us to create an advertisement, please allow two weeks.

All advertising should be sent to communications and marketing for review before it is printed or posted.

Website design and development

Communications and Marketing designs and develops the primary website for the college. We have developed a content management system (CMS) that allows departments to easily maintain their websites.

Communications and marketing can also help departments and officers migrate their websites into dotCMS.

We also provide templates for and assistance with email newsletters, online forms, registration and e-commerce.