• How to hire a student employee
    1. Post your job on Handshake. If you don't already have an account, these directions will tell you how to create an account and JOIN the Calvin University employer account. You will be sent a password via email once your account has been approved. Then, these directions will tell you how to post your job.
    2. Interview candidates.
    3. When you've selected a final candidate, instruct the student to submit all necessary forms at the Payroll office.
    4. Submit an eCard for your new employee.
    5. Once you receive an email confirmation from the Payroll office, your student can begin working.
  • Hire a Calvin student

    Are you looking to hire a competent individual for a short- or long-term position? Calvin students are ideal candidates to do many types of jobs. Use Calvin's job-posting board, Handshake to share your position, or use another method listed below.

    1. Email us at
    2. Private household jobs: fill out our posting form


    We have selected a small number of non-profit employers as preferred Work-Study partners. Students hired by these non-profits are put on Calvin’s payroll, and the Work-Study program pays 75% of minimum wage. The non-profit is billed for the remained of the student's wages. Contact Courtney Banks-Tatum ( for more information about this program.

  • Calvin University's Employer Statement of Liability
    Employers who use this system agree to provide a safe and appropriate work environment for students and alumni and agree to follow all applicable laws. Employers recognize that if a job seeker raises concerns about a job posted on this site, the employer’s job and/or account may be deleted.