What to do on your first day of work

Work schedule

  • Confirm the hours you'll be working.
  • Become aquainted with the department's policy on attendance, lateness and illness.
  • Learn how to enter your hours online.
  • Understand the timeframe for submitting Web time hours.

Getting paid

  • Confirm the date of your first paycheck.
  • Confirm the frequency of your paycheck.
  • Become familiar with the wage scale.
  • Ask about performance appraisals.

Job description

  • Purpose and use.
  • Be sure to receive a copy of your job description.
  • Understand the appropriate dress code for your position.

Department policies

  • Become familiar with the office work flow.
  • Learn special office procedures.
  • Become aquianted with how to use the office telephones, computers, office equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Read the Student Employment Manual.


  • Inquire about how to handle confidential issues within the department.
  • Be aware of global college issues.


Read more about specific student employment polices in the Student Employment Manual.